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Inspire. Create. Learn. – Aspiring photographer’s workshop hosted by Kari McGee Photography.


Do you own your own photography business and are looking to GROW?

Do you WANT to start your own photography business?

Do you want to just broaden your options but maybe not start your business just yet?

If so, this class is for YOU!


Learn all the ins and outs that I’ve learned from my Five years of being in photography.

Learn how I worked my business from the ground up completely by myself.

I know firsthand, that it’s not always easy. I know that some are not welcoming about helping you learn and I know that’s frustrating.

I want you to have a business you are proud of, I want to fuel your passion. <3

I love to teach! I want to!

Have fun with fellow photographers and make friendships in the process.

Left:My very first wedding                          Right:Most recent wedding 


This class IS FOR someone who:

1. Already has somewhat of an understanding of their camera and it’s functions.

  2. Someone who would like to or already has a photography business.

3. DSLR Camera is a must!

4. Someone who wants to learn more of the business/editing side of photography.


This class IS NOT for someone who:

1. Does not understand most of the functions on his/her camera.

2. Does not intend on starting a photography business.



WHAT will be covered?

1. HOW to market your name, (Getting your business out there)

2. The business side of photography (Taxes, getting legal, CPA’s)

3. What settings and gear I use.

4. Pricing (How and why)

5. How to pose and work in outside light.

6. Editing (Tips in Bridge (Camera Raw) and photoshop.

7. Editing (How to make your workflow faster)

8. Culling your photos.

9. Storing your digital files.

10. Delivering and packaging.

11. How to create your brand + Attracting your ideal client.


Editing***** While I will not edit a photo completely from start to finish (as I would like to offer this to locals as well) I will be sharing a TON of tips in both Camera Raw and photoshop, we will be doing simple edits and I will be answering absolutely any questions you have in either program.

This last would honestly be too long if I listed everything, I want this to be an open class meaning I want to answer the questions YOU have and things YOU are struggling with.  While of course I will have my lesson plan laid out, I want to be sure to help you with anything you need help in.




What to EXPECT and WHEN?

This workshop will be held on July 15th at 11:30pm in the DeRidder, LA area.

Lunch will be provided.

From there, we will begin Class and teaching.

We will spend about roughly 4-5 hours in class going over absolutely anything and everything.

At the end of our Class, we will head to two styled shoots and will be shooting in small groups where I will work individually with each of you.

Shooting will last 1-2 hours.




Talk money to me:

Workshop total – $550

*Workshop fee can be split into $275 to book, and $275 three weeks before scheduled class.

If paid in full at the time of booking subtract $50 from workshop total. ($500)

TO BOOK > Shoot me an email or text message at 337.591.1748

Email :

Limited spots available, first come first serve.


A message from Kari:

If you are struggling with anything to do photography related, I urge you to take this class. If you feel like you are in a rut and don’t know which way to go, take this class. One of the greatest things about photography is that you can NEVER stop learning and perfecting your skills. And guys, I love to teach. I love to help. I love for it to be fun and us all make friendships in the process. I don’t plan on holding anything back. I want to help you grow and help you succeed. I understand first hand how everything can be overwhelming at first and I want to help with that. I want to share with you what has worked for me and what hasn’t, what I wish I hadn’t done and what I wish I had. 

I look forward to meeting anyone who attends, and as always feel free to message me with absolutely any questions. 

– Kari McGee 










March 27, 2018

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